With the increasing popularity of android and its rapid development, it has become very important to consider the performance of the apps used on it. A good application must work without any errors. In order to make sure that the applications run without any bugs, android SDK involves many tools for debugging that can easily help in identifying the performance problems if any with the developed android applications.

Android applications are meant to be used on portable devices like smartphones, which have their own limitation regarding storage and processor speed, android apps developer in India develop applications which focuses on effectiveness and reliability. One of the most easily noticeable measures of performance of an android app is its effect on battery life, because in case your application is not effective then it will considerably reduce the battery life of the android device. So it is recommended that android apps developer in India must optimize the performance of the application for a better battery life.

Given below are certain tips for effective android apps development India which must be followed by the developers to improve the performance of their apps:

  • First rule to be followed by android apps developer in India is to make sure that they do not include anything not required by their application. Most beginner android apps developer in India tends to ignore this thing and thus end up with a cluttered application thus reducing the speed of the device.
  • Secondly, one must not make an app just for the sake of creating an app, try to develop something meaningful. Android apps development India done just for the sake of it can lead to the development of a totally useless and disastrous application which will not become popular.
  • Try to avoid virtual method calls, while using C/C++ it is always recommended to use getter and setter methods in place of directly accessing the fields to be used. This will help in imposing certain restrictions on the accessibility of the application. But with android, never call virtual methods within a class and rather call them in the public.
  • Try to reduce the complexity from the layout and keep it simple. It will help to make sure that the android apps development India project is does not consume much processor speed. In order to create a simple layout with android apps development India it is better to use the grid layout or relative layout. It can have some positive impact on the performance of the application.
  • Try to use integer variables rather than floating, there is not much difference in the speed of these variable types but the floating type integers uses double the space used by the integer.
  • To optimize the queries for your app try to develop an index for the database.
  • Always make use of precompiled SQL statement/careers which can be used often.
  • You can also use native methods if needed.

This article includes a lot of important recommendations and guidelines which can help android apps developer in India in their task of developing some of the best optimized android apps.


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