Unconventional career paths well suited for graphic designers

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Everyone wants to have a job that would not only pay their bills and earn them a great life while at the same time provides them with optimum job satisfaction. However, find a career path that is well suited for a person’s needs is certainly not easy. If you are a professional graphic designer and you want to be more creative and adventurous with your resume, then you should definitely consider some other work areas that would help you to flex your creative muscles rather easily. In fact, there are numerous creative careers which are closely associated with the field of graphic design or majorly overlap the abilities and skills you need for such work. Here we will take a look at some of the fields that you can choose from when you are a graphic designer looking to venture in new directions. Recommended by SAKSHI Infotech, these suggestions can certainly make things easier for you when you are looking to improve your career prospects.

Email marketing designer

As an email marketing designer, you need to design and execute different types of engaging email promotions and communications for a business organization. Quite often, email marketing designers operate in close connection with the other user interface specialists, designers, marketing managers and writers to come up with strategies that are in line with the brand standards of clients. If you are looking to become an email marketing designer, you need to have in-depth knowledge and experience of working with CSS and HTML. You also need to have skills in all facets of design and know how to improve user experience.

Creative services manager

The creative service managers typically serve as the bridge between the creative professionals and their senior management even though their jobs may also encompass other responsibilities. Such roles do require a lot of work experience. They normally oversee different types of creative projects from their initial stages to their completion. They also guide the creative experts working under them to meet deadlines and adhere to specific project budgets. Therefore if you are looking to become a creative service manager, you need to have excellent people skills, good communication techniques and management skills apart from your creative understanding. While creative service managers do manage some of the actual creative work by themselves, they do not remain directly involved with all daily creative production roles and tasks.

Art director

Being an art director is yet another attractive and lucrative career path for all graphic designers. Art directors are basically responsible for managing the overall aesthetic aspects of a brand, project or campaign. Therefore you need to have a strong eye for details and make sure that all the finer points of the work are managed in the most prudent and effective manner. The final results must be in line with the original creative vision that you and your team started to work with. Art directors often work with the fashion industry or the show business wherein they bring the creative ideas to reality.