3 Essential Design Trends in 2019

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Website designing is a discipline that is always going through a lot of changes. Practices that were common trends even a few months ago are now replaced with new ones. It is therefore no wonder that professional designers are always trying to come up with ways which can enable them to design superior quality websites. Here are some of the latest web designing trends that you need to consider while working on a particular website. These practices have been around for some time but it is only recently that they have grown in importance and will continue to do so in 2019.

Usage of the Bold Sans-Serifs font

Lettering or font plays a very important role when you are trying to attract the attention of your target customers. It is a well known fact that thick and prominent fonts can help you to attract the attention of a wide range of buyers. Due to this reason, web designing companies like Sakhi Infoway are now looking to work with Bold Sans-Serifs font as it offers much scope for creativity in this front. Thicker letterforms can work brilliantly with situations where you need to use reverse typography. They can also be perfect when you want to attract the attention of your audience so that they read through an extensive text. It is however important to make sure that the audience does not find it an overwhelming experience when it comes to reading through the text.

Extensive use of split screens

Split screens have been a common and very popular design motif for a long time. It has been around for quite a while and has been noted to work well with different types of websites. Over the years, the nature of split screens have only improved, thus providing greater scope to designers to come up with stylish and elegant websites. The latest renditions of the split screen designs work to enhance the aesthetics of a website. While responsive functionality is not a prime goal while using split screens, it can also be achieved in certain occasions to have optimum effect. Unlike the split screens that used to come in the forms of perfectly symmetrical patterns, the latest ones offer a wide range of diversity. This means that when you choose to use them, you can actually create a lot of animations and other elements within split screens so as to have the optimum impact. It can also help you to enhance the interactive elements or work on highlighting specific contents.

Red Accents and Texts

Red has been a popular accent color choice for a long time and in recent times it has made a major comeback. The main reason for this is that the red color is very dynamic and helps to easily attract the attention of the audience. When used creatively, red accents and texts can really engage the audience and encourage them to make important purchasing decisions that can be very good for business owners when they are looking to boost their sales.