The best Photoshop actions that you should consider for your web designing project

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Photoshop Actions are useful tools which help designers to improve their workflow and manage all kinds of projects rather easily. They function as automated functions which can help you to handle projects in a smooth and easy way. Whether you are looking to transport your files or create textures and shadows, you can use these actions for the best results. Here are some of the most popular Photoshop actions that are recommended by SAKSHI Infotech for superior results every time.

iOS 7 Blur

With the help of iOS 7 Blur Photoshop action, it is possible to add a distinct blur effect to any top layer. Easy to use and highly efficient, iOS 7 Blur requires very little customization in order to produce the best effects. It can combine two different types of blur to create a unique and realistic effect.

PSD TO PNG Automator

The PSD TO PNG Automator can be used for transforming a PSD file into PNG file and can prove to be handy when you are looking to have easy access to them. You only need to drag and drop all of the files to this action and it can take care of the rest. It is going to create one new folder to keep all the PNG files in the directory where you have your PSD and can save you a lot of time when you use Photoshop.

Save For iOS

The Save For iOS action is meant primarily for exporting Photoshop files for iOS. It works perfectly for all retina as well as not retina screens. With the help of this action, you can save all kinds of Photoshop artwork easily and then transfer them to iOS.

Bjango Actions

Bjango Actions works as a cluster of different types of actions. It offers users with Photoshop scripts, hazel rules, Mac OS workflows and plenty of other features that can be used by web designers and web developers.

Magnifying Action

The magnifying action serves as an important tool for managing presentations. When you use it, you will find that it creates a moving magnifier to your PSD file wherein the rest of the content gets blurred. If you are looking to show your work to your audience or prospective customers, then you can certainly benefit from this Photoshop action. The action is easy to use and flexible and offers you a positive experience every time.

ScreenShot Photoshop

ScreenShot Photoshop allows you to create a screenshot from the regular screenshots. You can use this action to come up with presentations of your work. An excellent time saver, it can be used for a broad range of purposes.

Long Shadow

The Long shadow action can come up with a 3D shadow over any layer. You can use it to customize the look of your shadow in any way you want. It offers you the scope to choose from 2 shadow lengths and 2 directions. Compatible with the Photoshop CS3 program and above, it is perfect for all 1024px icons.