Steps for Website Maintenance

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Creating a website is not enough for a business. It’s easier said than done to maintain a website. It is not a one day job but something that require investment of both time and energy. Website maintenance is a job that should be trusted to a professional only.

  1. The main concern and need of maintaining a website is to keep it live at all the times. A website that is working fine, responds faster and easy to explore is what keeps the customers engrossed. If you have a website you must ensure that it runs fine, this can be assured through regular testing and thoroughly reviewing it. In order to test your website, you must test each and every page. This will help you fix broken links and the features or pictures not working fine.
  2. Paying proper attention to user experience, missing headlines, load time, meta tags, updating outdated content will keep your website respond faster and fix the errors and typos regularly.
  3. Keeping website live through the host is also important, but it is more important to keep your site compliant to the guidelines laid by the Google. Google bans certain policies, ways and features on websites. You must know the norms and policies of Google or must trust an experienced developer for this purpose.
  4. Keep a regular check on the checkout process or website forms. Your calls to actions, forms like contact us, information and about us page must be updated regularly. This will help in providing correct details to the interested customers and will keep your sales high as well.
  5. Reviewing your SEO, KPIs and analytics reports every month is also important. Measuring your KPIs, website analytics and search engine ratings every month will also keep downtime at bay. The process will also enhance the effectiveness of the site and will bring out existing problems.
  6. Fixing the bugs is also essential because eventually they will slow down load time of your website. You must ensure that the hosting provider as well as the web developer updates the website software, installs the upgrades, fixes the bugs, and any other problems that will compromise web server, CMS, database etc
  7. Browser compatibility is very important in maintaining a website. If your website is not compatible on various kinds of browsers then it will get difficult in getting traffic to your site. Compatibility with various browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Safari should also be tested.
  8. Your website should also be mobile friendly. Today a large number of people are using smart phones thus your website should work fine on them.
  9. Updating copyright information and dates on the website is also important. Your home page should not contain outdated information or dates.

Choosing a right developer is even more important so that they can take care of all the things that will make your website work successfully. There are several things that you can’t do yourself and only an expert developer can do that. Webzguru is a professional web development company whose services will keep your website live and up-to-date.

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