PHP or ASP.Net – Select for Your Presence on Internet

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Internet is flooded with articles debating about the user of PHP or for performance of their website. Online presence is vital these days. The competition online is far more fierce than offline. That is because people find it easy to browse and shop online as compared to offline. Therefore giving your viewers a fast experience is the way to go.

So which languages to use for your website that will enhance its performance, cut down the cost and deliver ultimate performance is the question. In this article we will discuss both PHP and ASP. Net on the basis of these criteria to help you pick the best one for your website.

Cost of the Programming Languages:-

This is simple where PHP is free ASP.Net is chargeable as it is a product of Microsoft. So if you are choosing ASP over PHP you will have to bear its usage charges.

  • You will have to buy windows if you wish to employ ASP.NET. This shouldn’t be a thing to worry for most of the users.
  • You will also need windows hosting for ASP.NET earlier Linux hosting was cheaper than window hosting but it’s hardly true today. Another thing that you would need for window hosting is a development environment like visual studio. You can choose the free version offered by Microsoft known as VS express.

For PHP you don’t have to buy anything has its completely free and runs on Linux hosting. It can be used on MAC, Linux or windows. Thus you have more freedom

Winner here is PHP.


Both these programming languages are highly scalable. Face book which is one of the most trafficked website online was easier on PHP but MySpace which is another popular social media website was built on ASP.NET. So there is no one winner in this case, as long as the programmer is experienced and knows his language perfectly.

Winner- it’s a tie.


Performance is an interaction between database, script and the server for any web application. Many apps which are written in PHP follow LAMP stack- Apache, Linux, MySQL and PHP scripting language. This stack is very popular for development and is optimized for enhanced performance.

For ASP.NET the database used is MSSQL, although MySQL is also performed with it. The performance difference between both stacks is minuscule. Performance also depends on the operating system used on the server. Various tests indicate PHP running over Linux has better performance as compared to ASP.NET

Winner: PHP

Both the languages have their pros and cons and the difference that make in scalability, performance and cost is also not very significant. More than thinking on what language you are deploying on your website, it is essential to make sure that the programmer using the language known it thoroughly and applies right programming commands so that your website works fine and performs fasts. You can talk to your developer about his experience and thus decide which one to choose.

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