How Landing Page will help in Conversion Growth?

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It is essential to have more customers not just visiting your page but actually buying from it as well. People may come to your site and leave without actually buying your products and services. Conversion from your landing page is really exciting. Landing page needs to be attractive and should tell your clients about everything they are offering. There can be reasons for which your website might not perform as it should. The reasons can be many; it can range from traffic, design of your website, its images, content etc.  Instead of focusing on all the things that can go wrong with your website, it is essential to focus on things that would actually help in conversions from your landing page. Here are the things that you can do to your landing page to make it popular and more conversion oriented,

The first and foremost thing is to introduce a sign up page on the landing page, this will help interested customers sign up and you will have leads of only those people who are actually interested in your products. Introducing a sign up page automatically is better than making people search for it. This feature will definitely be helpful in increasing the conversion ratio. If you are using wish pond landing, then choose autofocus option in 1st field in your form field setting.

Considering the basic behaviour of people it is evident that they are lazy and reluctant to give out information, so instead of prompting them to fill out their details. Instead of asking them their details in the first go, show them notify me tab. Only people looking to buy your products will hit that button and fill in their details; making your leads organic and conversion worthy.

Missed opportunities are worth capitalizing, you can retarget. Retargeting the customers who have not been converted in first chance is really important. Retargeted customers convert 70 times more than non targeted ones. It is important to understand the basic behaviour of customers, how they respond to your page and how long do they stay. If you don’t work on these statistics, you may lose a lot of customers.

Another way of enhancing conversion ratio is personalizing your landing page. A personalized landing page will help in making your clients feel at home, they want things to be arranged in a way as per their preferences. Personalization of your website is not only limited to name, interests and location of the customer. To personalize the pages you can insert merge tags in your landing page, dynamic text replacement, to customize it. Cookies will also store their previous information and arrange data as per the behaviour of returning customers.

Conversion from landing page may be difficult but most of them are true conversions. Using some tricks and making some changes on the landing page will definitely make it easier for your customers to choose your products.

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