UX/UI Trends for 2017

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UX and UI trends are growing fast in the last few years. The world of user experience and UI designs are necessary if we want to make a competitive and sustainable advantage. Many innovating things are happening related to UX and UI, and developments and trends have no intentions but to keep growing and changing on 2017.

So don’t let those changes caught you off guard! Here are the UX and UI trends we think are going to rule this 2017. Take note and don’t waste any more time, implement them right now!

UX Trends for 2017

  • The upcoming generation of personalized experience is about to change. It’s likely that now more options will opt out of binary reporting. Also, they may consciously be added in opposing opinion to news sites’ article recommendations, or even to Facebook’s News Feed.
  • Experience is becoming the main product. And as Snapchat and Instagram Stories showed us last year, an experience is going beyond the digital. This is why businesses are looking into the experience to track the engagement impact. In this sense, making a positive impact on customer’s life is very important and helpful for your company.
  • Even when UX is known to be a broad category, in 2017 it’s going make a huge change. New technologies and industries such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and everything related to fitness and health are going to be the new trends.

UI Trends for 2017

  • Nowadays, videos are taking over digital design, and it’s not for nothing. Unlike traditional photography, which is static, the video is more dynamic. That doesn’t mean that conventional imageries are left out of the game. But we’re definitely going to see a lot more of interactive and full-screen videos. These are, of excellence, the best story-tellers. And you should take advantage of that.
  • Implementing long-form content and long-scroll on desktop devices is now a thing. As well as using larger-screened devices to deliver content. Implementing these is a smart move considering that this mechanism is versatile and works fine across all mediums of content and any device.
  • Brands are starting to focus on using vivid color palettes and gradients to express personality. This resource is being implemented a lot more than the traditional UI and web design. So you better start experimenting with vivid colors and gradients.
  • Illustrations are great when it comes to defining character and personality, something that traditional photography can barely achieve. The identity of a brand can be perfectly defined with a bespoke illustration. Together, this two will be able to transmit their personality and a tone of voice through visual language. This will gain the trust of customers and give the brand a sense of authenticity. Besides, these illustrations work great as a complement to plenty of other UI trends.

According to these UX and UI trends, 2017 is going to be and interactive, colorful, dynamic and very interesting year. We already gave you the tips, now it’s up to you to use these as tools to create a great and attractive product.

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