Using colors in a website as a psychological tool for generating positive responses

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Colors are a crucial aspect of any website, whether large or small. They do not simply make a website look gorgeous. They also play a critical role in generating specific responses from your target audience so that it becomes easier for you to secure sales. According to Sakshi Infoway, a leading name in the field of web designing, the color scheme that you use should be based on the target market that you are looking to reach out to. For instance, if you are looking to appeal to teenagers and the young crowd, you should go with a vibrant and energetic color scheme. On the other hand, if you are selling products that are specifically meant for a mature audience, you can go for colors like black, white and crème that can create an understated yet elegant look.

Colors and their meanings

Let’s take a closer look at the various colors and the type of emotional responses that they evoke.

Black: The black color has always been preferred by many due to its classic appeal. Often considered to be a shade that is safe and elegant at the same time, it expresses ideas such as classic, elegance, powerful and fearful.

White: White is known for expressing ideas such as clarity, simplicity and purity. Since it is the combination of all the seven shades in a rainbow, it is widely regarded as a universal shade of peace and serenity.

Red: The shade of red typically appeals to the young crowds who are full of energy and vibrancy. Red is known to be bold and youthful and express ideas like excitement, urgency and aggressiveness.

Blue: Blue is known for professionalism, trustworthiness and dependability; ideas that many people look forward to when they are looking for something stable and unchanging.

Yellow: Yellow has always been attributed to the notions of happiness and optimism.

Orange: Orange exudes a vibration of confidence, cheerfulness and friendly atmosphere. It is a welcoming color that helps to immediately create a position vibration.

Purple: Purple is associated with luxury and royalty and it typically appeals to people with a strong sense of creativity and imagination.

Green: Green is a peaceful color that creates a sense of growth and balance in an observer.

Whether you are looking to create a logo of your company that your target audience can relate to or have a uniquely designed website that can bring you the business that you desire to have, it is important that you make effective use of colors in order to achieve the best results. You can use only a single predominant color or combine two to three shades in your logo or website design to achieve the effect that you want. Once you start using your knowledge on color to psychologically appeal to your target audience, you will see that it has surprisingly good results for you. Not only you will find a steady increase of your sales figures but your customers are also going to report with your products and services.