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Using colors in a website as a psychological tool for generating positive responses

using colors in a website

One of the most elements of website design is using colors in a website. this suggests that not just a couple of, but all types of users including those that could also be partially-sighted, or color blind should be ready to use it easily. If you cater to a spread of consumers including those with vision impairments, you ought to confirm that your website is suitable to all or any, or a minimum of most of the purchasers who look for you on the web. Here are a couple of recommendations on how you’ll make the simplest use of color on your business website.

Psychology of Web design Typography


One of the most factors that affect the usability of your website design is that the color contrast and very important is using colors in a website or the difference between the colors used on your page. because the contrast required are often different for various parts of the page, you’ll use a contrast test to see if the page is giving the specified impression.

Colors and Patterns

You can choose between a spread of colors counting on the browser and therefore the web designing software that’s getting used. Ideally, you ought to restrict the number of colors to five and check out to use them consistently on all the online pages. The background is typically white and has got to be plain, with a contrasting color (usually black) for the text. Although you’ll use the chosen colors to depict different elements, it’s better to stay to a white background and black text color to urge make a crucial point noticeable.

Do not use designs and patterns for the background because it can make reading the text difficult. Also, avoid using too many colors on one page and do not expect the users to guess your message with color connotations.

Color Theory in Web Design

Different Types of colors

Although you’ll choose any color you would like for your site, there are a couple of basic guidelines for using color in an internet site design.

For your content color, stick with the quality black text on a white background, because it is one of the safest and most professional combinations
You can use bright colors like red and green for the center and colors like blue, yellow, black, and white are best for the margin, to supply maximum visibility to users.
Choose darker reminder colors like blue, purple, red, and lighter reminder orange, yellow and green to form them distinct from one another.
Brighter colors are better and cozy if you would like users to remain on the webpage for extended periods
Bright colors are best suited to stress important promotions and offer
Colors like burgundy, blue and dark green give out an impact that the business is well established and solid
However, avoid using colors like red and green, blue and yellow together, and do not use grayscale for important graphs and diagrams.

Viewing Environments

Make sure that you using colors in a website is suitable for both viewing environments – low ambient light and bright ambient light.

Use lighter text in white yellow or red, with a medium-dark background of blue, green, grey, or red for low ambient light
For bright ambient light, use the dark text of blue or black on a background of white, or paler reminder yellow, magenta, blue or green

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