Thomas Lamadieu creates innovative artworks with his “Sky Art” project

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Art is not only a creative way to express our deepest and innermost feelings but it also allows us to look things from a different perspective. In our modern day to day life, we are often busy looking at our smartphones and find ourselves completely engaged within our daily lives. However, Thomas Lamadieu, an innovative artist has come up with a whole new way of creating engaging paintings with never before expressed ideas. With his all new “Sky Art” project, he has totally revolutionized the way people think about the skies that spread above us all. Simply by turning his attention upwards, he found the inspiration to come up with novel ideas and concepts that together made up the “Sky Art” project.

While looking at the electric wires that stretch between the buildings and mansions in his French hometown of Avignon, Thomas Lamadieu observed that the wires created a unique visual that conjured up the image of a rabbit. It is this that made him think of new ways to come up with art that stand out from others. He started by clicking snaps of the skyline and then started to draw on them. This led to the creation of one of a kind art pieces that are not only dynamic in their own ways but also appeal to a broad range of people. Eventually he started to create one unique piece after the other. This led to the birth of “Sky Art” project, one that has already mesmerized the audience all over the world.

Only by using ‘air’ space existing between the buildings, he started to draw characters and ideas that stood out from the stark looks of the realistic images. He chose the sky as a canvas for his art and created a new world of art that lies just within the familiar concrete jungle. Thomas not only plays with shape but he also explores different colors and shades of the sky which allows him to draw interesting characters in the best ways he wants. Through his innovative artwork, Thomas has encouraged us to develop greater awareness of our immediate surroundings as we live about our lives and move from one point to the next. In fact, a brief look at the ‘Sky Art’ project will encourage people to keep their minds open and look at the skies just like children.

Thomas Lamadieu has also said that he simply loves to get lost in new cities so that he can come up with innovative ideas for his ‘Sky Art’. His innovative way of looking at art has encouraged many other people to see things in a different perspective. By combining real life photography with beautiful and stylish drawings and sketches, he has been able to create stellar artworks that appeal to a broad range of people. His works have also inspired people from numerous other professions who can use the same kind of vision and creativity to come up with solutions for their own day to day challenges.