Why do you need a responsive website design?

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Some key factors which have to be kept in mind while making a responsive web design India, these factors can help you to create a very good website which can run on any device with internet connectivity. They have been mentioned below:

  • Design for multiple platforms — the internet is no longer being used only by laptop and desktop users. An increasing number of smartphone users prefer to access the web on their phones rather than using a computer. You must make sure that the website which you make will easily translate effectively not depending upon the browser or the device being used by the person to access it.
  • Automatically or flexible resized image — it is very important for you to make effective use of images as these are the most difficult factors which are to be adjusted and integrated depending upon the layout of the mobile being used. While using images make sure that it can easily fit and resize depending upon the limits or needs of the mobile layout.
  • Comprehensive labelling — most search engines can get quite confused while accessing your mobile website. The main reason for this problem is that the content of your website have been compressed a lot to fit within the parameters of a mobile website. The human readers might not get confused but the search engines lack the sense of intuition which humans have. You must label your text meticulously while using the subheadings effectively as it will help you to maintain your search engine rankings.
  • Regular monitor checks — although responsive web design India is becoming fairly popular but it is quite new in the market. As such it is riddled with a lot of glitches which have to be smoothened out. It would be quite beneficial if you would check mobile version of your website quite frequently, just to ensure the fact that everything is working out in a manner in which it is supposed to.

Why does on require a responsive web design in India?

According to certain statistical evidence it has been proven that most people are turning to their mobile phones to access the internet, which makes it very important for you to seek the services of a responsive website designer India as soon as possible. If you do not make your website responsive at the earliest then your competitors would continue to have an edge over you, the gap between you two will continuously increase and that too on an exponential rate.

Some recent studies conducted that nearly 1.2 billion people around the world use mobile phones to go online out of which nearly a quarter of the people can be identified as the people only using internet on their mobile phones. It is also predicted that desktop web browsing will be overtaken by mobile browsing by as early as 2015. These studies were conducted by some very prominent financial research companies and groups.

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