Effectively Use of Whitespace in Web Design

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Whitespace is the part of a page that is left blank or unmarked. In terms of web design, it is the space that is present between images, columns, graphics, margins, texts and other elements that is left blank or unused. It is also sometimes called negative space. The Whitespace helps to smooth the look and feel of the page and helps the designers to turn it into something elegant. It also indirectly helps to make the primary content of the page more prominent so that the users take note of what the site has to offer.

While some people might consider Whitespace as simply a space that exists between the main design elements, the truth is that Whitespace is an important design element used in its own right. While most people are used to appreciate the images and content of the website, the Whitespace helps to hold all of the content together and create a seamless flow of the site’s design. In order to effectively design the look of the website, it is necessary to make effective use of the Whitespace so that the rest of the elements used in the page are able to produce the maximum impact in the minds of the site visitors.

Here are some of the ways in which the Whitespace can be strategically used to improve the prospects of a website.


When used properly, Whitespace can be used to encourage site visitors to focus their attention at particular points where most of the important content is placed. Whitespace can be used to highlight the natural hotspots of the page’s layout. It can also give the content of the page more weight and encourage the site visitors to take them seriously.


Whitespace can be used to make certain specific parts of the page to stand out from the others. They can also be used for breaking or interrupting continuity in order to grab the attention of the site visitors. This can be achieved in numerous creative ways so that the end users never get bored of them. When a steady theme is combined with Whitespace, it immediately captures the attention of the audience. As they explore the look and design of the site, they can also notice all the other design elements that stand out from others.

Proper organization      

Whitespace offers excellent ways to the web designers to organize all the various design elements that are used in the site’s design. Just as the text of the website can be broken into separate pieces with Whitespace, it can also help to organize all the content of the website in a seamless and attractive manner. It is however necessary for the site designers to be consistent with their use of Whitespace when they are trying to organize the content of the pages. This means that Whitespace should be used evenly with text, sectors, margins and graphics.

Following the above design principles can help a designer to make the most use of Whitespace and benefit greatly from it.

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