How a static website is different from a dynamic website?

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Nov , 2017

When you are looking to start an online business, you need to have a website that can showcase your brand and serve as a platform of communication with your customers. Websites are mainly of two types, static and dynamic. In simple definitive terms, a static website is one that is filled with content and which cannot be changed without the assistance of a developer who knows how to edit its source code. On the other hand, the dynamic web pages or websites can display various forms of content that are presented from same source code.

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Starting your app – Ionic Framework

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Oct , 2017

Ionic is a structure intended for mobile app development that is based on HTML5 technology. The app is developed for building primarily hybrid mobile applications. The hybrid mobile apps are actually small websites that run within a browser crust within an app having access to a native platform layer. The hybrid apps come with a range of benefits over the traditional pure native apps, particularly in terms of speed of development, platform support as well as access to the third party code. Ionic serves as a frontend UI framework which can be used for handling the aesthetic and functional aspects of UI interactions for various hybrid apps. With the help of Ionic, app developers can create more dynamic and compelling hybrid apps since they have access to greater support for beautiful design elements, slick animations and diverse native mobile components.

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How to hide a file in your Google Drive in plain sight

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Oct , 2017

When you are using Google Drive, you have files and folders that are either private, i.e. only visible and detectable to you or visible to specific individuals with whom you’ve explicitly chosen to share the folder or file. With the folders, all the separate files that are present inside the shared folder can be viewed by the users with whom you have shared access to the specific folder. However, there can also be instances when you do not want a user to see all the files present in the folder that you have shared with him or her. One of the simplest ways in which you can accomplish this is by moving the particular file outside the shared folder. You can also use an alternate method that will allow you to hide or camouflage the files that you do not want others to see without using any extensions or add-ons.

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Plumbing websites for design inspiration

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Aug , 2017

While many people consider plumbing to be a gritty job on its own that requires the professionals to get their hands dirty, it should ideally not be the case for the website that is designed and developed to showcase their work. In today’s world where all business houses strive to secure their own place in the web to have an edge over their competitors, it always pays off to have a website that comes with the best design. There are currently a number of web designing companies such as Webzguru that can offer specialized services to plumbing firms. All one needs to do to find a web designing company that can cater to the individual needs of the company.

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