Social Media in 2016

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Social media is an effective tool of communication. Social media is strengthening its roots with every passing year. New ways of interaction, voicing out opinion and digitalization have been main pillars of social media. It is not uncommon to see teenagers, adults and even old people struck to their phone and computer screens to see what’s happening around the world? So how and in what way social demographics will change in year 2016?

One of the most important social media network Facebook will grow and shrink in opposite dimensions. Young audience or people in the age group of 18-24 tend to show less interest in this platform as they move to mobile friendly platform that have lesser old audience (read parents). Youngsters like making friends and interacting with new people; with friends and family on Facebook many youngsters tend to restrict themselves.

Facebook has given older generation a means to share, give out personal information, use media and connect with retailers, mass-brands, etc. Thus older audience is expected to further use these platforms even more. With more and more privacy barriers breaking on Facebook, it seems Facebook is nearing its end. 2016 will see high wage targeted demographic campaigns.

It is going to be all about Instagram now; Instagram is projected to have over 60 million users in 2015. The number clearly can tell what 2016 will be bringing us. Advertising on Instagram had been there from last 4-5 months; but only available to select brand partners only. By end of 2015, or beginning of 2016; geo targeted and local advertising options will be made available to small and medium sized business particularly entertainment, retail and dining sectors.

Another factor that will take over is buy buttons. Pinterest and Facebook have gained a lot of attention in 2015 by introducing buy buttons for users and advertisers. Now users of both these platforms can buy products that are sponsored by clicking on the buy button.

Instagram is still far behind in this trend but will join the league in no time.

In-app functionality will improve

Today 80-90% of the users use social media platform on their smart phones using the apps. It lets them stay connected all the time. In 2016 it is expected that in app functionality will further spread and improve to enhance user experience and give users more dynamic features while using the app. Various social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are trying to expand their apps to a degree to match the accessibility and usability of other apps interface.

2016 will see more advertising trends for various social media platforms. Advertising is helpful in earning profit but none of the social media platforms can’t let them rule. It is very clear that social media platforms will introduce variety of changing to keep their audience engaged and develop new mediums that will direct them to their site. Liking, sharing and posting are now no longer a new thing, we will surely see some new aspects that will make 2016 more interesting.

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