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Google is miser declaring its ranking factors; it came out as a surprise when Google revealed that it will reward websites using HTTPS encryption better than those are not. The websites on HTTPS will get a boost in the search engine results which will result in more traffic and more sales.

HTTPS is not a simple task like other ranking factors. It is complex, has a set of risks and costs that one needs to understand before taking a decision of implementing it. It is important to balance the risks and costs through the help of webmasters who provide better security, higher boost in rankings and improved referral data.

SEO benefits of switching to HTTPS:

Here you will read the benefits of switching to HTTPS from SEO point of view; we will discuss how it improves on security, ranking and gets better referal data

  1. Increased referral data

Traffic passing from secure HTTPS to any unsecure HTTP site will strip away the data. The analytical reports show such data as direct; this is a big problem as we don’t get to know the source of traffic. If your website is HTTP based, traffic from hacker news shows it as ‘direct’ because it is also built on HTTPS.

The simple and fortunate solution to it is when traffic passes from HTTPS website, the referral information is retained. This is true for both whether the original site uses HTTPS or HTTP. So making the switch is now easy.

  1. HTTPS providing good rankings boost

Google has confirmed better ranking boost for websites using HTTPS on one hand and on other hand if your website is above 200 rank, it is less likely to enjoy any influence of switching to HTTPS.

Well HTTPS is not a magic pill, if you are thinking of implementing it on your website just to get some ranking then there are many bigger things that you can work upon to get higher rankings for your website.

Some of the things that you can focus on for higher rankings are:

  1. Local optimization
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Attract links
  4. Perform site audit
  5. Create quality content
  6. Optimize for speed
  7. International targeting
  8. Privacy and security

Well there is an argument that HTTPS only is advantageous if you use sensitive passwords for your website, which is hardly true. Even simple and boring websites can benefit a lot by implementing HTTPS encryption

  • HTTPS verifies the server before sending information which enhances security and prevents chances of sending information to non secure websites.
  • HTTPS stops middle attacks as it avoids tampering by third parties this makes your website more secure for visitors.
  • It encrypts all kinds of communication including URLs, thus protecting the credit card numbers and browsing history of the clients

Switching to HTTPS will not just add a boost in search engine results but will definitely make your website more secure against hacking and provide decent security to your visitors using sensitive information.

Thus making a switch is very advantageous, may it be a simple or E-commerce site.

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