What is OpenCart? Pros and Cons of OpenCart Platform

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OpenCart is one of the most popular ecommerce development platforms in the world right now. Plenty of people use OpenCart for the wide range of benefits that it has to offer. Online shopping is very much the in-thing nowadays and having your own online store can be a great business idea. However, if you are looking to develop your own ecommerce business, you must consider the pros and cons of choosing OpenCart as your ecommerce development platform of choice.

Here is a brief look of the advantages and disadvantages of using OpenCart for developing your online store.


  • As the owner of a startup, it is natural that you would want to go for an ecommerce development platform that is less resource-intensive. Plenty of people choose OpenCart when they need to open an ecommerce business as it is quite easy to set it up and start working on. Unlike some of the other CMS platforms that may require expert support, it can be downloaded and used easily by people who are not that tech savvy. Since OpenCart is an open source program, it is free to use which means that it is perfect for startups with limited budget.
  • OpenCart is based on PHP, which means that it is a lot easier to find developers for this platform that some of the other ecommerce platforms that are nowadays available. Moreover, it comes with plenty of customization options.
  • Ecommerce sites can be easily created, edited and managed with the help of OpenCart platform. A person is not required to have in-depth technical knowledge to work with it. This makes OpenCart perfect for beginners.
  • The OpenCart program offers complete control and flexibility when they are looking to run an online store business. There are plenty of extensions and modules available with OpenCart that can be used for customizing its features.


  • One of the most serious disadvantages of OpenCart ecommerce development platform is that it does not come with a proper event system such as that present with Symfony or an efficient hook method like with Magento. The OpenCart 2.0 platform does come with the events option but it is still at its nascent stage of development. Unless the events feature works properly, users cannot do anything programmatically from the module. It also makes it impossible for the user to add a new menu item effectively without editing the core code of OpenCart. Even though this function can be performed manually or with the help of vQmod, vQmod is widely regarded by developers as a poor alternative as it uses the string functions for changing the core files, thereby causing a lot of conflicting issues.

OpenCart comes with an easy and simple coding structure which attracts a lot of beginner developers. The developers come up with a wide range of Open Cart extensions and themes to sell it to buyers. However, this means that you can easily end up with a theme or an extension that is not secure or one that performs poorly.

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