Slack adopts generic new identity

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Office communication apps have come a long way since the earlier products and the latest apps are equipped with a broad range of functions that can help in managing all kinds of office and corporate communications. One of the apps that have made substantial progress in this sphere is Slack. Designed for optimal efficiency for high end office communications and project management tasks, it has widespread applause by leading app development companies like Sakhi Infoway. The widespread popularity of Slack has made it a household name when it comes to corporate communications. Numerous companies in India and abroad use Slack on a regular basis to manage all of their communications.

In the recent times, Slack has changed its characteristic brand logo that has always been the hallmark of its identity for so long. Transforming brand logos is quite a common practice in the business world, partly because it helps to freshen up the image of the company in the minds of its target users and partly because it allows the company to adopt a new business strategy or create new features and products that can be beneficial to the users. Over the last five years that Slack has been in operation, it has emerged as a staple for corporate communications and has been in use in desktops and mobiles. The extensive features that come with this app has also made it possible for users to benefit greatly from having this app in their mobiles and desktop systems.

The new logo of Slack has been met with mixed reactions in the tech and corporate community. The old logo of Slack featured a plaid hashtag image. Even though it was not perfect and the image itself was low on flexibility as pointed out by the Slack team itself, it still had its own takers. While it is true that the old app logo was limited in terms of its overall color flexibility, the old logo still had a massive fan following of its own. This new logo has been designed by Slack’s in-house team along with the support offered by Michael Beirut from Pentagram. A team of designers also collaborated on the project so as to make sure that the logo is a step up from its previous avatar.

This new logo is quite crisp and clean and designers all over the world feel that it has been very well executed. However the pitfall is that it is completely devoid of the soul for which Slack was always known. Even though the new logo is designed on a powerful and scientific logic, it still lacks the charm and personality that the finest logos typically have. The earlier Slack logo was a hashtag that also had four different elements perfectly offering support to each other. The new logo on the other hand appears like four individuals with their backs against each other. Most leading designers feel that this new logo does not champion the cause of teamwork like the older app logo did.sult