Reasons to Use Voice Search

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Google’s Voice Search is primarily meant for use by mobile users, as it makes the process of searching google easier without using the cumbersome QWERTY keypads or touch pads. It is even easier to use Google Voice Search; you just have to tap on the voice button placed alongside the search box and ask google for help.

Until a few years back this feature was meant primarily for search queries, but since mid-2013, it could be used for even complex commands relating to personal data. Some of the ways in which you can take advantage of the voice search include:

  • Flights – you can easily track and get info on upcoming flights, just ask google about it.
  • Reservations – ask google for ‘my reservations’ and you would be shown with results for your dining plans. In order to get details like the name and address of your hotel along with navigation to get there, just ask ‘my hotel’
  • Purchases – in order to get a status of your recent orders, just ask google for ‘my purchases’
  • Plans – to see a list of your upcoming appointments, reservations, events and flights, just ask google voice search ‘what are my plans for tomorrow.
  • Photos – in order to access the photos you have uploaded to Google+ just say ‘show me my photos from China’. Google automatically identifies the kind of pictures you are looking for.

Great commands like the ones mentioned above have only been available for Google Now users, but now that they have been integrated into voice search, anyone can utilize commands like these and let google become your personal assistant. Naturally it is necessary that you must be signed into your google account in order to make these commands work, since google will have to get into your Gmail and calendar in order to get the information. For people who think that this invaded their privacy, Google Voice Search feature can be easily turned off from the settings.

You can even use this feature to dictate some stuff to be sent in an email, or listen to a particular song from your playlist, create a new entry into your calendar and open any particular app. while sending the mail you can enter the name of the recipient, the subject and the text all through the voice search. You just have to take care of the punctuation and say it aloud.

Google voice search makes it all the more easier for the user to try and use the phone while driving. This way you do not have to constantly look at the screen or have the phone in your hand. You need to make a call just say ‘Ok Google’. This activates the Google Voice Search feature. Then ask the device whatever activity you wish to perform. For instance if you want to talk to your family member you just have to say ‘call mother’ or ‘call father’ or whichever relative you wish to talk to. You can even dictate an entire message to be sent to a particular contact.

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