Pros and Cons of Live Video Marketing

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In the world of business, there was a time when companies were entities without the face. The only people consumers knew about were those with whom they could communicate directly face to face. This changed with the invention of the internet and social media. Nowadays companies are quite easy to get in touch with, and business firms have recognized the various ways in which their enterprises can benefit from such direct interaction with their end users. However, even though many companies now choose to regularly use social media channels to communicate with their customers, they are still searching for ways in which they can make such interactions even more personal. It is exactly here that live video marketing comes in.

Over the last few years, more and more companies are using live video streaming as a viable marketing option since it makes it easier for enterprises to promote their brands in real time. Through this method of marketing, it has been possible to have real-time reports on the customers who are interested in the products and services that the company has to offer. Live video streaming also makes it possible for companies to initiate direct engagement with their audience.

It has now become necessary to explore the various pros and cons of live video marketing. Here are some ways in which live video marketing can be beneficial or limiting to a business organization.

Pros of live video marketing

Using live videos to interact with potential customers can be one of the best ways to engage them. Effective engagement occurs only when you care about the responses of your customers and they like what you have to offer. They offer several distinct advantages that are not available with embedded videos. Moreover, live videos can be used to interact with a much wider audience than any traditional video or lecture can manage. Another important advantage of live videos is that people often tend to have an urgency to view live videos that are not there with embedded videos as people can view them later as well. This naturally leads to longer viewing sessions with live videos.

Cons of live video marketing    

On the other hand, live videos require much more technical setup than standard embedded videos. The constant buffering is another major problem that may put off many people to take the most advantage of live video marketing. Even though this may not be the issue with the web hosting company and only a slow internet service is to be blamed for that, the truth is that the viewer can feel disconnected with the video with such pausing and buffering. Another issue with live videos is accessibility. Not everyone in the world can find it convenient to follow such videos as they may need to get up in the midnight and start buffering the video to see it. In such cases, it is necessary to buffer them at different times of the day so that the people can see them as per their convenience.

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