Effectiveness of Email Marketing

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Email marketing is the use of Email as a tool to market a commercial message to people to drive sales. The activity requires sending advertisements, requesting business or solicitation of the services to the set of potential prospects. To build on the repeat business, generating new leads and customers, promoting loyalty or brand building by the way of sharing security tips, product reviews, newsletters and the like. But the key purpose remains the same viz. conveying information of a product or a service.

In the United States itself, Email is the most significant medium to generate higher customers than the social media, which is nearly forty times of Facebook and Twitter combined (Source: McKinsey Customer survey 2013) as 91 percent of the US consumers use and check Email daily.

A successful email marketing strategy depends upon multiple factors. These factors make sure that an email campaign is not considered equivalent to spamming and actually brings about a purchase behaviour of the client than deleting. Effective email marketing requires the mails to be sent to the people who have actually opted and volunteered to receive the same. Unwanted emails bring a lot of bad attention and thus results in brand distortion. Also the advertiser needs to classify and organize its database correctly. One should be able to market the right product to the right set of people only. An email campaign of discount on women shoes cannot be sent to teenage boys and vice versa.

A properly laid out message and purpose of the campaign is a must to derive appropriate results. A highly overdone email message or a cluttered layout will distract the customers from looking at the product. Subject line should be simple, precise and hard hitting. Similarly the responses should be tracked and dealt in a fair time and expectation so to deliver the desired product.

Email is a versatile medium of communication. It can easily integrate with other marketing tools like short messaging services, marketing tweets and help in communicating personalized products. Small things like addressing customer with names, wishing on birthday or anniversaries can also secure some brownie points. An interesting newsletter with relevant information to a prospective client serves as a crowd puller. The newsletter email with an integrated social media presence can draw attention of the prospects, which will follow the updates on social forum by signing up.

One thing that works hugely in favour of email marketing is being inexpensive. With a prospect of reaching multiple people in real time give the advertiser an advantage. Email configuration over smart phone multiply the eyeballs of the message

This engaging of the customers in the light of right communication by the company will increase the open and click counter of the marketing mail. A reduction in the number of “unsubscriber” is also a key differentiating factor to understand the effectiveness of the campaign. Making email to reach the right inbox and bypassing the spam folder impacts the campaign success and improves the customer loyalty and leading to higher sales and ultimately increased revenue.

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