How to get more from your Facebook fan page?

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Facebook Page is always updating its features for users, but we often forget that business pages get new features, too.  According to data published in 2018, Facebook has over 60 million business and brand pages, and that number is only increasing. So, what updates have Facebook added for business users?

Get More Facebook Fan page

Today, we’ll cover a few of the unique and little-known features Facebook has added exclusively for business and fan pages.

Many of these changes happened recently, so some features you’re used to might be different today. In this article, we’ll look at the most up-to-date features for pages.

You can use these to grow your brand with Facebook, expand your reach, and show customers you care.

Let’s get started!

Facebook Fan Page

1. Interact as a brand page

Years ago, you could only interact with customers and fans of your page as yourself.

If you were a smaller business, this was fine. But for bigger brands, or those not directly associated with a single person? It was a disaster.

If you’re not already aware of this feature, it’s time to start using it. You can engage fans as the branded Facebook page instead of through your personal account.

One of the best parts of this? It’s free. You can engage without paying for sponsored ads or boosting posts.

To make this work, you’ll need to make sure you’re an admin of the Facebook page you want to use. If you’re not, talk with the current administrator and get admin privileges.

Once you’ve done this, simply go to the Facebook page you intend to use. You can change the settings on each individual status update by clicking the drop-down icon.

If you want to comment, you can do the same. Simply click on the profile picture icon in the comment box and decide which account you’d like to use when posting.

(Before 2017, you could change your account with the settings menu in the upper-right-hand corner. Facebook phased this out in early 2017.)

So, what can you do with this feature?

Simple. Find fan pages that have the same target audience as your brand and interact with those pages.

For example, if your brand sells handmade dog collars online, then your target audience is probably also a fan of PetSmart, Petco, the Westminster Dog Show, and other similar pages.

Comment on those pages, like their posts, and respond as you would personally—just as your brand page. Don’t be spammy or promotional but authentic and genuine.

As you interact with the page, you’ll start to generate credibility in the community and can find new fans and possibly customers with this simple strategy.

2. Highlight related companies with featured likes

So, you can interact with other brand pages.

But did you know you can also like pages as your brand page?

Just like you can like company pages with your personal account, and those company pages show up on your profile, you can like other brands from your brand account.

It might seem like this is a worthless throwaway feature, but in reality, you can leverage it for cross-promotion.

All you need to do is like other pages, then choose them as “featured likes” on your Facebook page’s profile settings (under the “featured” section).

You can use this in a lot of different ways, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Like subsidiary accounts. Okay, so maybe your brand isn’t big enough (yet) to make use of this. But if you have regional Facebook pages for your brand, they can like each other.

Feature partners. If you have a few brands you already work with, like their pages and feature them on your page.

Build reciprocal likes. You can arrange with related companies to feature each other’s Facebook pages in the “Featured Likes” section.

You’ll each share great companies with your fans, and help build each other’s brands at the same time—win-win!

3. Video or slideshow cover photo

Cover photos on Facebook brand pages aren’t new.

But the ability to add movement to the top of your brand page is, and definitely something you should try. Currently, you can add a video or create a slideshow of photos.


There are a few benefits. First, it’s more attention-grabbing than a static image. It draws in people who visit your page and can provide more personality behind your brand.

And second, you can provide a lot more information. If you felt restricted by earlier static images, now you can showcase different parts of your company with rotating images or video.

In order to do this, click “Change Cover” on the button that appears on the cover photo of your brand page.

You can upload a photo or video, or create a slideshow. If you’re going to use a slideshow, you can choose which photos (from ones you’ve already uploaded), or let Facebook choose.

4. Showing team members

One of the frustrating parts of old Facebook pages was that they were so… impersonal.

As a great adjustment, Facebook now lets you show page owners so your brand page isn’t just a corporate account interacting.

Now, you might be a little confused. Isn’t this almost the exact opposite of point #1—interacting as a brand page? The answer is yes, in a way.

But depending on your brand, you can use one or both to help make your brand page more appealing and personal.

For example, interacting as a brand page gives you the ability to make “official” comments and interact on other pages across Facebook.

Meanwhile, selecting Page owners puts a face to the brand. This is especially important if you run a small business or are the face of your enterprise.

It adds a personal touch that was missing in earlier versions of Facebook pages.

To do this, go to the “About” tab on your Facebook page and click “Add yourself as a team member.”

You can do this with any of the Facebook users managing your account (with their permission of course).

5. Appear More Often in the Newsfeeds of your Fans

One of the biggest changes since the early days of Facebook is that it isn’t as easy as it used to be to show up in the news feeds of your fans.

In the early days, all you needed to do was a post on a regular basis and Facebook showed your content to users.

As more people have joined Facebook and advertisers have shown they’re willing to pay good money for access to that audience, Facebook has made the process more difficult.

Here are a few ways to show up more often in the news feeds of your fans.

Pay to boost posts.

This is the easiest, but also the most expensive. When you post on Facebook, you have the option to pay for increased reach. You can start at around $10.

Engage fans more.

Facebook’s algorithm is happy to show brand content, but only if it’s really engaging. The more a user interacts with you, the more likely they’ll see future posts.

Of course, this is difficult to do consistently. To increase engagement, most often, ask questions, and constantly test and refine your strategy to post things your fans enjoy.

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