What is a Bootstrap? How do I use it?

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Bootstrap is the most popular word in the world of web development these days. If you have some knowledge about web development then you must have heard about bootstrap for sure. It is the most advanced form of CSS, HTML and JS framework for creating responsive and mobile projects online. If you are willing to use this technology in your website, here is how you can do so!

I can simply send you to the getting started link on their website. There are a lot of things that you can learn. The setup guide itself is very informative and provides information on installing browser, composer and npm, information on integration with LESS and Sutoprefixer, and many licenses, templates and translations; it is not a step by step guide so it is essential to have proper knowledge so that you can apply the information easily.

When I got to know about bootstrap, responsive web design was new and not everyone knew about it. Being a novice in web designing, understand bootstrap was even more confusing and made the process even more difficult for me. The beginners may need more than just a guide and definitions of the terms. They may require step by step guide with examples to apply these changes while making a website.

My guide is a first look into bootstrap for the beginners so I won’t be including Sass and LESS integration to it which is more like advanced concept. This version works on the current versions of bootstrap 3 and might as well work for the future ones too.


  • Learn front-end framework is and using it
  • Understanding the Bootstrap’s JavaScript and CSS inclusions  and start customizing


  • Basic understanding of HTML & CSS

What is a Bootstrap?

Bootstrap can be narrowed to three main files:

Bootstrap needs jQuery to function, it is a widely used and renowned javascript library that adds as well as simplifies cross browser compatibility to JavaScript.

Why is framework important?

You don’t necessarily need a framework but these frameworks are popular and have several benefits so it’s essential to learn how you with wit them

Frameworks can assist you in a variety of ways like:

  • Prevent recurrence between the projects
  • Add steadiness to code and design between projects and developers
  • Use responsive design to let your site adapt to different screen sizes like –desktop, mobile, and everything else
  • Quickly prototype latest designs
  • guarantee cross-browser compatibility

A web project that you make using responsive web design will work nicely on various browsers and will be free from fallbacks that occur for old browsers. Bootstrap is a big open source community working on covering it. Also when most of the developers are using the same system, working in a harmony becomes easy.

It is essential to have a website which will work well on different interfaces and responsive website is a one size that fits all needs of different users.

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