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Advancing world of today calls for mobile applications and websites. It was not long ago when people use to sit on their laptops and browse websites. Times have changed rather quickly and the world of online shopping has taken over.  Today even the least expensive phones have social media applications installed. They too have a browser that lets users search the internet in matter of minutes. It is irrational in today’s world to not create a mobile app or mobile website for your company. Lacking behind in this technologically advanced world will cost you customers and sales. Here is what you need to know about mobile websites and mobile apps before deciding which is more beneficial for your brand.

A mobile site is like other websites that has HTML browser and other linked pages that one can access using 3g and 4g networks. The major difference between two is that mobile app is designed for smaller display and touch screen interface. A website on the other hand can show content, data, video and images. One can also access to mobile centered features like click to call or location oriented maps.

Mobile apps are downloaded from the application center and installed on the phone. The application may pull data from internet and similar to a site; it may download content which can be browsed later without a connection.

Mobile apps might not be available for download on all the phones. Some apps may require a particular upgrade or version of android or IOS to work. Mobile websites can be browsed intently without the worry of an updated version.

Mobile websites are easy to find and can be browsed and seen instantly; you don’t have to download them before using. Another essential difference between them is that mobile apps are user specific. They require a user to create an account and password before they can browse and download content. Unlike mobile app one can start searching a mobile website instantly.

Also applications give a user friendly experience. On the basis on preference and browsing history; application can be set according to individual preferences. Applications start giving recommendations and user history which is not in true in case of mobile websites.

Upgrading is another difference between the two. Mobile websites upgrade instantly by updating browser and ask for updates very rarely. Mobile apps whereas require an update that is to be downloaded from time to time to use them. There is hardly any troubleshooting or screen freezing problems associated with mobile websites.

One can easily share a mobile website between users and publishers which is not true in case of mobile apps. One needs to install a mobile app on their phone and cannot share data with others.

Mobile websites cannot be deleted. Mobile apps can be deleted according to personal preferences. Also mobile apps keep a user up to date. One can choose to get notifications about latest products, sales and offers on their mobile. Mobile websites are not user specific. They may shoot you an email if you choose to but a personal experience is not guaranteed.

Thus, it is essential to know your users to decide whether you want a website or a mobile app for expanding your business.

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