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Most business owners do not realize the potential that lies in the app marketing medium. Even for small businesses, especially for businesses operating locally. The first question that you need to ask yourself is whether an app makes sense for the business you operate. This is a question that needs to be answered before you go any further.  The truth is that mobile apps are suitable for most small businesses but not for every business. If you think that the answer to the following questions is a yes, then you must create a mobile app for your business.

  • Would the ability to reach your customer 24/7 benefit you? Almost everyone will answer this with a yes.
  • Can you provide a productive and fun mobile experience surrounding your brand? This is the tricky one. You need to give some creative thought to the idea before you dismiss it.
  • Will the mobile app benefit you? This looks like an easy question but is the most difficult to answer. The ability to reach your customers at all hours might seem to be tempting, but how will it benefit you. For instance you have an app that offers the customer with discounts and offer, it entices the customers to come and shop again.

Benefits provided by the mobile app marketing vs. the conventional marketing methods

An average smartphone user has approximately 26 apps installed in their phones. With an app you would be competing with the other 26 apps on the device to get the users attention. Now consider the number of websites you would have to compete against on the internet, the number runs into millions. Even with social media marketing you are competing with tons of other things that the consumer might find more interesting than what you can offer. The potential benefits of having a smartly designed app are:

  • Earn Money – Whether it is through in-app purchases or ads, most smart retailers would monetize their apps in order to generate another stream of income.
  • Reach some new customers – Let us hope that a very good number of your existing customers have downloaded and are using your app, but there also lies the potential to reach a lot of potential customers who would be experiencing your brand for the very first time.
  • Showcase your services and products – Although the app will fulfill its purpose as a benefit to the consumer, it will also function as an ad for your business.

Although you might be an early entrant in mobile marketing in comparison to your peers, it is important that you realize that there is nothing that will hold your competition from getting their own apps. All that you need is a bit of smart planning and creative thinking and you can have your own app in very less time. Some developers also possess tools that can significantly reduce the financial investment and time required to build an app from scratch. It is about time that you broke the norms when it came to advertising. Create your mobile app today and start engaging your audience.

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