How to hide a file in your Google Drive in plain sight

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Oct , 2017

When you are using Google Drive, you have files and folders that are either private, i.e. only visible and detectable to you or visible to specific individuals with whom you’ve explicitly chosen to share the folder or file. With the folders, all the separate files that are present inside the shared folder can be viewed by the users with whom you have shared access to the specific folder. However, there can also be instances when you do not want a user to see all the files present in the folder that you have shared with him or her. One of the simplest ways in which you can accomplish this is by moving the particular file outside the shared folder. You can also use an alternate method that will allow you to hide or camouflage the files that you do not want others to see without using any extensions or add-ons.

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Top PHP Frameworks for Web Development

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May , 2017

PHP is the world’s most widely used server-side web development and scripting language. Over the years, it has developed a lot and the current versions offer far more features than its predecessors. Apart from using different versions of the main PHP program, developers also make use of frameworks that are based on the PHP scripting in order to design and create a lot of complex web apps and websites. These frameworks make it easier for the developers to work on advanced projects and save time and hassles that might crop up from always having the need to start from the beginning.

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Business Over Mobile Apps

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Mar , 2017

Most business owners do not realize the potential that lies in the app marketing medium. Even for small businesses, especially for businesses operating locally. The first question that you need to ask yourself is whether an app makes sense for the business you operate. This is a question that needs to be answered before you go any further.  The truth is that mobile apps are suitable for most small businesses but not for every business. If you think that the answer to the following questions is a yes, then you must create a mobile app for your business.

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What is a Bootstrap? How do I use it?

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Jan , 2017

Bootstrap is the most popular word in the world of web development these days. If you have some knowledge about web development then you must have heard about bootstrap for sure. It is the most advanced form of CSS, HTML and JS framework for creating responsive and mobile projects online. If you are willing to use this technology in your website, here is how you can do so!

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