A content management tool, also known as Content Management Software or CMS is a type of software application or platform used for creating a content-based website. These software tools are ideal for people with limited coding skills and the technical knowledge needed for modifying digital content. Using a CMS allows them to have a powerful and convenient user interface that can assist in interacting with the website’s database. The CMS platforms can be used for editing, distributing, and publishing content. They can also provide a clear and precise idea to the users as to how their content is going to look like before being published.

The content management tools have been strategically designed to help support collaborative work that can be carried out by the website owners. With the help of these tools, accessing documents, files and other types of digital assets becomes easier. The users can add text files, audio files, graphics, videos, images, and numerous types of interactive components to the websites when they are looking to collaborate. These assets can be managed efficiently with the help of a CMS application. The CMS systems can be integrated with content analytics applications, marketing software applications, third-party tools, and other programs that can help in web designing and management of digital assets. The CMS tools can also be used for the creation of different types of ecommerce sites.

Here is a closer look the most powerful content management tools of February 2021.


WordPress is recognized globally. Today, it is counted among the most extensively used content management tools in the world. Its diverse yet useful features and the ease of use that is offered by WordPress.org make it a hot favorite among business owners. The main attraction for many small and midsized businesses is that WordPress.org is an open-source platform which means that it is completely free.

Business owners can also have a self-hosted website with the help of WordPress.org. Using WordPress.org allows site owners to have complete control over their website and all of its content. The usability of the WordPress.org website can be enhanced with the help of paid, free as well as custom WordPress widgets, plugins, and apps to the website.

The look of the WordPress.org website can be transformed in any way using free themes and premium quality WordPress.org themes. The WordPress.org website can also be monetized with advertisements and promotions. Additionally, the website owners can create an online community for their online business by creating premium content.

HubSpot CMS Hub

The HubSpot CMS Hub works as a powerful CMS tool. It has been keenly designed to make things simpler for site owners, especially when trying to manage various features of the website efficiently. Such a system can present the opportunity to take good care of the end-users of the venture. With the assistance of HubSpot CMS Hub, a business owner can come up with personalized web pages for diverse visitors and then manage them skillfully. The websites created with HubSpot CMS Hub can also be optimized for different devices. The flexibility offered by the HubSpot CMS Hub can provide website owners with the ability to decide how much they want the developers to be involved in the project. Professional developers can create content structures that can be further enhanced with flexible themes. The websites that are created with the help of the HubSpot CMS Hub can be monetized easily and the end-users also get a fully personalized experience. The online sites are also very secure and simple which further enhances the user experience.


Pantheon can be described as a coherent Web Ops platform. It is increasingly used by top-level developers, IT specialists, and even marketers in all parts of the globe. It ensures excellent support features for conceptualizing, designing, building, initiating and running of all kinds of WordPress and Drupal-based websites. The advantage of working with Pantheon is that it is equipped with numerous tools used by specialized developers to shape the optimum quality websites, such as version control systems and staging settings. You can not only customize the workflows but also create backups so that development is made easy.

Till now, around 300000 websites have been made with the help of Pantheon and there have already been more than 10 billion views of these web pages. This has naturally enhanced the demand for the container-based infrastructure offered by Pantheon. Using Pantheon can provide website owners with the opportunity to unveil and promote their websites faster all the while without worrying in any way about security, traffic spikes, or other performance-related issues. Pantheon is also free to use. Thus, it means that you can have a customized website with it while using your resources economically.

Progress Sitefinity

Another CMS that deserves your attention is the Progress Sitefinity. This is a very user-friendly CMS that you can engage when you are trying to convert, engage as well as retain your visitors through the whole customer life cycle. Businesses both large and small love to use the features that come with Progress Sitefinity as it enables them to engage their audiences with relevant and powerful content that is thoughtful and useful for them. The content management tool also allows the business owners to personalize the overall experience end-users have with their content. The websites that are created with the help of Progress Sitefinity can ensure a higher level of conversions on a regular basis. These websites also provide a responsive experience for all kinds of devices and channels. They have score high points when it comes to digital commerce. The websites can be integrated readily with the backend systems. They also offer stellar performance in mobile devices. Site owners can use the tools of Progress Sitefinity to study the whole journey of the customers.

Kentico Xperience

It is a digitally advanced experience platform. It combines the best of content management with ecommerce and online marketing. This award-winning program can be used over the cloud interface or on devices. At present, it is regarded a powerful tool for developing modern websites. Easy-to-use and powerful, website owners can come up with bespoke experiences for their end-users and this CMS can be seamlessly integrated into all types of technology stacks. Using the Kentico Xperience tool, companies can enhance their customer engagement and deliver personalized content material to their audience. This can further help the brand to optimize performance so that they can win more clients. The highly advanced features of Kentico Xperience together with their ability to build websites in a short time make it a reliable CMS tool. It also comes with excellent marketable features.

By exploring these content management tools that are described above, businesses can gain the leverage they need when they are eyeing to have an edge over their competition. Judging by the online business trends, one can say that powerful content is definitely the way to go when they are looking to appeal to their target customers. Hence it is a practical move to manage a business with a well-suited, flexible and comprehensive CMS tool that can streamline the online content and ensure further conversions consistently.


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