E-commerce development platforms play a key role in the designing and development of online shopping site. The success of an online store depends on the aesthetic features and the ease of use that the site offers. This is why it is very important to be careful while choosing the e-commerce development solution as this can make or break the online shopping site. As e-commerce and online shopping trends become more and more mainstream with every passing day, it has led to the birth of many e-commerce platforms over the last ten years or so.

Here is a look at the 12 Best Ecommerce Solutions for 2021.


WooCommerce is one of the finest open-source e-commerce development platforms in the world right now. It is based on WordPress which means that you will need to make use of the WordPress site along with proper hosting to use this platform. Since it is closely associated with WordPress, WooCommerce has a huge market share. This means that when you choose to work with WooCommerce for creating your online shopping website, you get to benefit from an extensive range of themes, plugins, developers, and resource materials.


OpenCart is a very user friendly and powerful online store management e-commerce platform. The open source program can be used for operating multiple stores at the same time using a single interface. The features of OpenCart make it easier for the users to customize and localize the online stores. Retailers, independent brands and merchants can use the OpenCart platform for selling products both within the country and outside it. The OpenCart ecommerce platform also comes with a number of extensions that can help in adding multiple functionalities to the online stores.

Magento (Open Source)

The Magento Open Source is one of the two e-commerce development platforms owned and managed by Adobe, the other being Magento Commerce. The Magento Open Source is a highly robust and flexible e-commerce development platform that you can use to create amazing ecommerce websites. While the Magento Open Source does not come with the added benefit of Magento Customer support, it is still a good choice for small business firms and startups looking to have a top quality online shopping site.

Wix eCommerce

Wix eCommerce is a very user-friendly e-commerce website builder platform that offers more than 500 unique templates for its end users. Using the Wix eCommerce, you can add blogs, create custom domains, create galleries and work with different kinds of SEO tools. The functionalities that come with Wix eCommerce are very reasonably priced which means that it is a good choice for small business owners. You can also work with numerous third-party extensions and plugins that allow you to add multiple functionalities to your online website.


Squarespace is yet another powerful e-commerce development platform that offers a wide range of useful features for online business owners. With an ecommerce site developed using Squarespace, you can focus on boosting your online sales, track inventories as well as establish and maintain connections with the customers. The benefit of using Squarespace is that it allows users to come up with websites that stand out for their amazing designs and SEO features. Even though a lot of business owners do not readily opt for Squarespace due to its steep learning curve, it is still a good choice for a lot of businesses.


BigCommerce is a very scalable ecommerce website development platform that can be used for creating powerful and flexible online shopping sites. It works with a SaaS platform along with a dedicated app store that offers a wide range of API-based solutions. BigCommerce mainly works with brands that tend to differentiate on the customer experience. With BigCommerce, you can deliver a fine user experience to all your clients. The interface that comes with BigCommerce is recognized for its user-friendliness and is also high on customization features.


If you are lacking in proper technical knowledge but still would like to create an amazing online shopping website, you should focus on making use of Shopify as it can deliver you really good results. The benefit of using Shopify is that it comes with a wide range of powerful tools along with a POS platform for handling online payments. Virtually all kinds of business websites can be built with the help of Shopify. Order management, sales and shipping can become a lot easier to manage with Shopify.

Commerce tools

The commerce tools e-commerce platform can help you to benefit from its cloud-native APIs which can offer you distinct advantages over custom build APIs. The developer-friendly e-commerce solution is known for using microservices to cater to their e-commerce website developers. The cost-effective e-commerce website developing program is extremely flexible and elastic which means that creating smart and efficient online shopping sites becomes a lot easier. However, in order to achieve the best results using commerce tools, you should work with a team of developers who are skilled in working with APIs.

Magento Commerce

Adobeís Magento Commerce is blessed with a huge customer base which means that you can easily have access to a powerful support ecosystem. Using the Magento Commerce can give you access to some of the best customizable features. You can also have excellent A/B testing features along with multivariate testing functionalities. This makes Magento Commerce a good choice for anyone who needs to have a fast-evolving online e-commerce business solution. Online stores designed and developed using Magento Commerce are also very SEO-friendly.

Salesforce B2C Commerce

The Salesforce B2C Commerce is a high-end e-commerce development platform suitable for a wide range of online businesses. However, it is important to note that Salesforce B2C Commerce can be fine option for you if you are already using the products that come with the Salesforce ecosystem. This means that Salesforce B2C Commerce is ideal for businesses that already have a good budget to work with. You can have robust merchandising tools as well as one-touch payment options with Salesforce B2C Commerce.

Elastic Path

Elastic Path makes use of hypermedia REST APIs which allows developers to have complete flexibility when they are looking to deliver a fully custom e-commerce experience to their end users. A major benefit of using Elastic Path is that you can integrate practically endless numbers of third party and partner solutions to have a powerful online shopping experience with Elastic Path. The incredible flexibility and customizable features offered by Elastic Path makes it one of the best ecommerce development platforms in this list.

Oracle CX Commerce

Oracle CX Commerce can serve as a truly solid entry point e-commerce development platform for you if you are looking to make the most of cloud commerce solutions. This makes Oracle CX Commerce ideal for mid-market as well as enterprise companies. The Oracle CX Commerce offers an extensive range of Sales, Price Quote clouds and Marketing features. Oracle CX Commerce can be easily integrated with other ERP tools and financial cloud systems offered by Oracle. You can create shopping sites with Oracle CX Commerce using frameworks like JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and NodeJS.

The e-commerce development platforms described above are definitely some of the best in the world, and they can make your business work a lot easier when you want to have a finely crafted online shopping website.


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